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2010-10-21 04:33 #0 av: Grodan

We have an English Section on our Mouse Community, so our mousie friends all around the World can join us.

Mus-ifokus is a Swedish Mouse Community in a big network. To become a member in mus-ifokus English Section you have to be stationed on the URL http://mus.ifokus.se and click on the orange button as showed on picture below



When you click the orange button this form will pop up.

(click to see bigger)

Here you fill out your nickname, password and emailadress.

Also check the two boxes. The first box is to continue to be logged in and the second box is to agree with Terms of use .

Now you are a member!

You can immediately explore mus-ifokus and write threads and answer in threads.

How to Log In

Up in the right corner of mus-ifokus page is the place where you log in to the site.

It looks like this




What you get as a member

As a member in the Swedish Mouse Community you will have

  • an own private spot where you can introduce yourself and upload an avatar
  • a photogallery (after making a few comments)
  • a guestbook
  • a mailbox
  • the possibility to discuss in forum and read articles
  • chances to win in our contests
  • lots of new friends


What is ifokus

Ifokus is a network with a lot of different communities. Apart from Mus-ifokus (Mouse in focus) there is also Food in focus, Rabbit in focus, Rats in focus, Photografy in focus, Horse in focus and so on.

You can see all sites in ifokus network in the bottom of all pages looking like this - you can also click on the network links at the very top of the page


When you click on them you will be removed from mus-ifokus to another ifokus site and can surf around in the ifokus network.

How to find your way back to mus-ifokus

Click on "Mus" below "Mina iFokus-sajter" - look at the image below


Read more on how to navigate on mus-ifokus here (OBS! It´s old and may have been changed a bit).

Helpfull images (later)

* Guide My page
* Manage Personal settings
* Manage My page

Tip: download Google Crome and use as browser when you are on mus-ifokus. Just by clicking with the mouse you can translate everything!!!



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2011-04-14 19:48 #1 av: Grodan

If there is any problems or questions you can always email me. Email: gerodean2000(at)yahoo.com - replace (at) with @. Write mus-ifokus as subject so I understand that it´s not a junkmail. Flört


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2011-08-23 17:55 #2 av: [Dominik]

It is good that there is something in English here atmus.ifokus site:) But I've never seen a post that was in English.

2011-09-20 21:26 #3 av: Grodan

True, I think we can shout down this section.


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2011-09-21 00:03 #4 av: [Dominik]

It's a good idea :)

2011-12-10 13:01 #5 av: Wand

I think it's good that this section is available. It might be useful for someone in the future, even though it's not that popular at the moment. Skrattande *just felt like bumpin'*

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2012-02-10 00:44 #6 av: Grodan

Made this up to date a bit. Feel free to ask anything if you don´t understand.


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