Heartywelcome from CZ

2012-01-27 12:03 #0 av: Mettler

I cordially greet the mouse breeder in Sweden.

My name is Lenka Vejlupková and own breeding station Mettler .My website http://mouseworld.g6.cz

I judge the mouse from the Czech Republic, which introduced a registered breed mice in the CZ. Here you can learn about us more http://czmc.cz
Web pages in English and German versions are still under construction. For now, please use the google translator.

25.2.2012 to come over to your show in Vargarda.
I will take this opportunity to know and believe that friendly contacts will follow. At the same time I look for new blood to the breeds in CZ.
It will show the possibility to buy a nice mouse?

Sorry for bad English, I better communicate in German.

Ich grüsse herzlich eine Mäusezüchter ins Schweden.

Ich heisse Lenka Vejlupková und besitze eine Zuchtstätte Mettler. Meine Webseite http://mouseworld.g6.cz

Ich bin eine Mäusebeurteilerin ausem Tschechien, die führte registrierte Mäusezucht ins Tschechien. Unser tschechische Mäuseklub hat diese Webseite http://czmc.cz

25.2.2012 komme ich auf Ihre Ausstellung nach Vargarda anschauen. Es freut mich, Sie kennen zu lernen und Ich hoffe, dass wir freundliche Kontakte an knüpfen. Auch suche ich neues Blut in die Zuchten ausem Tschechien. Es wird möglich auf die Ausstellung schöne Mäuse kaufen?

2012-01-27 12:15 #1 av: Grodan

Hiya Mettler!

Welcome to our mouse community!

It´s so fun to have you and your friend "soria" here.

How many are travelling from Czech to Vårgårda?

I know you are travelling with bus. How does that work when you bring animals? (I´m very curios person... Flört)


I´m Gerodean or Grodan as my nick is here. I´m the host of this community (just this part with mice - ifokus is a big network - don´t get lost... Flört). I´m a middle age woman, living in Stockholm and breed mice since 1989. I also breed rats - today my stud is very small - since 1985.

My mousery has prefix Morakullan´s and my rattery has prefix Arinella´s.


I´ve actually already looked a bit on your homepage, when soria told me about it. Skrattande You´ve got some nice mice there.



Värd 4 mus-ifokus - Välkommen!   <:3 }~~~  arinella´s råttuppfödning

2012-01-27 19:52 #2 av: Mettler

AhGladjky Grodan,


Thank you for the nice welcome.

I come by bus with two breeders of rats.
Well transportation mice and rats will be quite funny and also complicated because of the winter.

Currently I have no mouse for sale. Just today, I sold the last fuzz black male. Very nice.
I mated litters, but the mouse will show a tiny unfortunately :-(

If you stand on it, so you can get some mice from other breeders from czech and bring you to the exhibition.

2012-01-27 21:44 #3 av: soria

I already asked Kent and Artlink, but i will be see later what they will be have 4 sale. But now will be bigger chance to find more ppl if Mettler offer transport from others in cze, maybe :)


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