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2010-07-31, 00:47

In close up: Chilloutarea Mousery

The German Mousery Chilloutarea in close up.

Chilloutarea breeds Splashed, Tricolor, Recessive Red, Sable, Roan, Merle, Burmese, Piebald Spotting and Siamese in English Show Type Shorthair and Satin Shorthair.

The Mousery make contract with every buyer and makes sure the future owner has knowledge and experience with mice.


Who are you, where do you live and how old are you

Dr. Roland Fischer, I live near Dortmund in Germany and I am 51 years old.


Biologist and Master of Science in Pharm. Medicine

Hobbies/interests besides mice

Passiflora breeding, plants, animals, family

Five words that describe you!

One word is enough:

Breeding prefix and why you chose that prefix:

Chilloutarea Mousery, because my mice live in the equivalent of a mouse hotel and chillout all day long


Is your stud registered in a fancy mouse society?

I am a member of the NMC in UK and NL.

When did you start breed mice?


Which is the main variety that you breed?

Tricolor and Merle, rezessive Red

Advantages and disadvantages with that varieties

It was very expensive and time-consuming to bring the varieties to Europe, but it was worths each minute and cent. Merle are a little hesitating to get a good type and size, but very vital and fertile.


How many mice do you have?

About 300 adults

Which is your favourite mouse?

A small girl, which could be a new mutation if I am lucky, she is agouti with black spots.

Do you write a pedigree and/or register the mice you breed?

I have pedigrees for the mice which are kept or sold.

Tell us about your mousery

I feed a mix of small seeds, herbs, dry catfood, mealworms, dandelion, vegetables. Chilloutarea Mousery has big terrariums only, no lab-cages at all. I have an empty house, which is used for animals only, the mice have three own rooms. I strictly use quarantine for at least 4 weeks before I add new mice to my stud. Instead of inbreeding I use linebreeding and have established own lines with a broad american, british, dutch and german genetic background now.

Chilloutarea Cages

What are you plans for the future?

Breeding Tricolors with an apricot and red appearence, breeding piebald satin tan merles with four colours and good type.


All pictures are © Chilloutarea Mousery


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2010-07-31, 02:24

Men, men, men….vill ha!!Kyss

2010-07-31, 02:25

This is published in the English Section. There will be an Swedish Translation… maybe… Flört Tungan ute

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2010-07-31, 02:27

Didn´t even realize that it was in english, oops.

I´ll try again: Gimme one of those!!Kyss

2010-07-31, 02:33

#3 Yeah, they are GORGEOUS (never mind spelling on that one)

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2010-07-31, 02:38

#4 But you spelled it right.

Never seen anything like it. Isn´t it time for you to take a trip to Germany and bring home a bunch?

I´ll wait by the ferry for you!Skrattande

2010-07-31, 02:45

#5 They were only to be seen in USA until Roland got them to Germany, I think.

There will be more about these Tricolor later on. Not here.

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2010-07-31, 11:12

Really beautiful mices!!  I would love to have a group of those =)

2010-07-31, 12:50

#6 In fact, it's the opposit. Roland made the tricolors and ship them to USA, Jack Garcia and Roland are very good friends.

There is some tricolors in GB too but fare away from the quality Roland got.

Dear Grodan, maybe we should discuste the tricolors in another tread just to make everyone aware of what they can cost the swedish breedingstock if we aren't careful and well known enough.

I have to realise they areNOT for newbies.

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2010-07-31, 15:43

oh my freakin' god, ADORABLE PICS!!!! KyssKyssKyss

2010-07-31, 18:24

#8 I, personally wouldn´t breed them, I would just sit and admire them all day long.

2010-08-01, 01:31

#8 I dont know anything about them, accept they are transgenic and these are c-lokus variants. I would love to get more information about them.

But as I´ve seen on internet, over the years, the information is that they are "made in America"… Flört

#9 + #10 Eye Candy!

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2010-08-17, 20:50

MERLE?!! Skrattande


2010-08-17, 20:55

Hello reverse. Well, we dont know more than you about MERLE!!! Other than it´s an awesome, fantastic and gorgeous variety. Ok, I know it´s from America. But nothing else…

Maybe you can google around and come with some news, info and facts about it (in a new thread in Swedish - coz no english members are here anymore anyway)??? pliiiiizzzzzz

❤️ Värd 4 mus-ifokus - Välkommen!   <:3 }~~~ ( ) ❤️

2010-08-18, 21:50

My dog is blue merle, so I should breed merle fancy mice. ;P


2010-08-18, 22:08


Hälsningar Malin

2010-12-01, 19:21

ååh, men varför är det ingen som satsar på sånna där färger här i sverige? ^^ ÄLSKAR MERLE!!


2010-12-01, 20:07

Jooorå, jag har tagit in en hel del från Roland.

Någon Merle hade han inte till salu tyvärr…annars hade det också funnits Flört

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2010-12-02, 12:25

#17 Men åh, då måste jag kontakta honom när jag ska skaffa möss sen! (får inte för min syster fötillfället)
Var bor han och var det komplicerat att ta in möss därifrån?


2010-12-02, 19:49

han bor i Tyskland. Du får ta en tripp dit, det gjorde jag :)

5 möss kan du föra in utan importtillstånd.

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2010-12-02, 22:51

#19 Okej, tack för svaret! :D


2010-12-24, 19:45

#16 Svenskar är överlag inte alltför förtjusta i möss och hur de luktar så det är ovanligt med musuppfödare som seriöst satsar på en variant i många många år. Det finns en handfull sådana personer i Sverige…

❤️ Värd 4 mus-ifokus - Välkommen!   <:3 }~~~ ( ) ❤️

2011-04-09, 18:05

Well, I would love to breed merle. =)


2016-01-21, 22:51

Jag vet att det är en gammal tråd men… ingen som ska till Tyskland och köpa möss? vill ha Merle så det nästan gör ont 😍

The unanswered questions are not nearly as dangerous as the unquestioned answers

2016-01-22, 00:01

Den är från 2010. Men är väldigt sugen på några Merles själv!

Hälsningar, Missan och djuren! ❤️

Sajtvärd för Border Collie iFokus

2016-01-22, 08:54

Har hört att Roland slutat med möss. Finns Merle i Holland däremot och det är ju lite närmare.

MvH  Tsunamis

2016-01-22, 13:46

merle finns redan i sverige ;)

2016-01-22, 19:30

#26 Var då?? 😍


2016-01-23, 00:41

#26 säger som #27, Vars då? 😮

The unanswered questions are not nearly as dangerous as the unquestioned answers

2016-01-23, 08:04

#27 & 28 Hos Kent skulle jag tro, då han tagit in tidigare :)

2016-01-23, 16:47

#26 Kommer du ha till salu någon gång i sådana fall, kent? 😊


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