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How to navigate on mus-ifokus

A little guide for our English members how to surf around and find things here on the community.

G_english_navigate123.jpgThere are 3 mainframes.

  1. Left side. Is where you find the threads in the Forum and The Articles
  2. The middle, is where you see the Startpage, can read the threads and articles and much more.
  3. Right side. The place where your "favoritebox" is placed. Your friends and other ifokus-sites.



  • Home - The startpage with Forum in left frame, Articles in middle frame

  • Articles - The Articles

  • Threads - Threads in Forum

  • About the site - words about the site (in Swedish)

  • Members - all members on the site

The Forum

First shown is thread with latest comment on or latest written. Unread threads have bold text. Sticky notes has this icon G_english-sticky.gif

Scroll down to bottom to see Forum Category. It looks like this.


Translation in order:

  • My threads

  • Bookmarks

  • General information about the site

  • Auctions

  • Breeding

  • Behavior, Health and Caring

  • Cage, Bedding, Equipment and Accessories

  • English Section

  • Coffee room

  • Movies

  • Photography *threads with pics*

  • Club and Shows

  • Genetics, Colors, Hair and Varietys

  • In Memorian

  • Buying and selling

  • Toys and activation

  • Links

  • Food

  • Mice with/and/vs other pets

  • Name suggestions

  • Competitions/Contests (Winn someting)

  • Old contests

To write a forumthread click on G_english-write_boardpost.gif and start writing


To answer in a thread click on a orange button or scroll down to the bottom and write your answer (looks almost like the picture above of how to compose a thread of your own).


1.The forumcategory 2.How many times the thread have been read 3.First unread post in the thread (by clicking here you will be sent down to the newest/unread post in the thread) 4.Subscribe 5.Bookmark 6.Share 7.Post an answer


Articles also shown the latest written first. Scroll down to bottom to see Articel Categorys. Looks like this


Translation in order:

  • My threads

  • Bookmarks

  • General about mus-ifokus

  • Breeding and Genetics

  • Cage and Equipment

  • English

  • Club, course, show and events

  • Genetics, Colors, varietys and hair

  • Toys and Enrichment

  • Food

  • Mouse of the Month

  • Novels, stories and chronicles

  • Contests

  • Breeders

  • Veterinarian Solveig Tjäder answers

  • Mouse of the Year

Favorite Box

Here is your navigation box of your inbox, guestbook, your profile, your threads (newest replied), the sites your member in and your friends.


More about your profile and settings later.

Tip: download Google Crome and use as browser when you are on mus-ifokus. Just by clicking with the mouse you can translate everything!!!

❤️ Värd 4 mus-ifokus - Välkommen!   <:3 }~~~ ( ) ❤️

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