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Mouse Breeder in close up: Sander´s

The Finnish Mouse Breeder Sander´s in close up.

Sander´s KastanjWho are you, where do you live and how old are you?

Sari Andersson, 37 år live in Borgå, Finland.



Hobbies/interests besides mice?

  • Rats: breeding, shows, SKeY ry
  • snakes
  • riding horses
  • we also have 7 dogs
Five words that describe you!

Realist, easygoing, focused, happy, 'downtoearth'

Breeding prefix and why you chose that prefix:

Sanders. comes directly from my name

Is your stud registered in a fancy mouse society?


Sander´s KastanjWhen did you start breeding mice?

Somewhere in the late 90's

When did you get your first mouse?


Which is the main variety that you breed?

Chocolate, in shorthair ans shorthair satin

Advantages and disadvantages with that variety.

I'm the only cc breeder in Finland and sometimes getting good outcross is difficult, people really do not realize there's 2 different choc. genes in mice and you cannot mix them.
For me outcross is never a good thing, but you cannot linebreed forever, so it's necessary occacionally.

How many mice do you have?

About 200

Wich is your favourite mouse?

At the moment longhair satin buck Sanders Sk8er Boy

How many litters do you breed in a year?Sander´s Kastanj

More than I will tell

Do you write a pedigree and/or register the mice you breed?

Not really. we have to get quality prize from shows in Finland before we can register. But I register all the mice which I can.

Do you name the mice/litters in any specific order (theme, alfabet)?

No, it's really up to mood what kind of names they get each time

What do you think is demanded by a mouse breeder? Do you have any advice to forthcoming breeders?

You have to have space (room) and time. and you have to have goals, and something you aim for. be realistic, and don't give up too easily. it can take years of work to get to the top. and more work to stay there
try to focus on just one or two varietys and gather knowledge before taking more. remember that all mice are not ment to breed, but can be good as pets. show your sanders_cc4.jpgmice! to get second opinion.

What plans do you have for the future?

Nothing special, really. to maintain show-quality chocolate lines in my mousery is my main goal. of course I also breed other colours such as champagne and black. at the moment i've been working couple of years on agouti based colours I 'inherited' from Siimis and Knuspergardens breeders, and trying to maintain them. I also work a little with berkshire.

Is there anything you want to improve?

Chocolates need bigger size and richer colour. at the moment they are quite dark. champagnes need more 'softnes' in the colour, and ears need to be more on sides. agouti-based colours are very much in prosess, they need to get rid of umbrous which came from black outcross, and berkshires really need everything most of all they need to be of better colour.

Your motto

Things always tend to work out somehow (I don't really know if this is the correct translation)

Sander´s KastanjTell us about your mousery.

My mice live in separate building with my rats. It's built for this purpose only (well, my husband has a small workshop in there too). About 30 m2 with floorheating for winter, airpump for summer, and running water.
I use lab.cages for my mice. I use wood shavings, and paper for nesting. ofcourse they all have own wooden 'houses' too All my mice live in herds(packs), or a buck with a doe.
I feed them dog kibble, and mix of seeds I make myself, most of my seeds I buy from local farmers. It contains horse-muesli, oats, wheat, dried peas and seed. In the summertime they also get 'greens' from the yard such as maskrosa, and at the winter some warm porridge.

Can you tell us something about the Mice Clubs, Shows, Breeders and so on in Finland?

We have only one mouse club in Finland, but also local rodent clubs sometimes organize shows for mice. Alltogether about 10 per year. We have 18 official breeders at the moment, but not all are active. And ofcourse we have beginners without studname also. I would guess society has got less than 100 members, but mice are on the rise, so times are improving breeders are mostly young women, in their 20-30's.
in one show there can be as many as 200 mice in standard classes, usually around 100.
We only have 4 judges for standard classes, and judges are frequently invited from abroad, mainly UK and Holland.

Sander´s Kastanj

Pics taken by Gerodean "Grodan" Elleby

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