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2006-10-10, 02:22

The Sugar Trap

Feeding your pets with sugared foods is at present a vast problem, leading to unhealthiness.

My strongest recommendation is for all sugar to be exempt from your animal's diet. In this case meaning refined white sugar, but also brown sugar, vanilla sugar, icing sugar and honey etc. The only sugar source that should be given to animals is fructose -fruit sugar- provided in the form of fruit!!! 

You should also avoid food filled with empty carbon hydrates; puffed rice, pasta, white rice, biscuits and bread baked with wheat flour.

Replace white flour (wheat) with healthier flours, or with flour mixes made for gluten allergists. These mixes can for an example contain maize, rice, soy, potato or buckwheat flours.

Choose full grain products and make your own recepies, healthier and more satisfying ones.

Read the table of contents on all the packaged foods you're about to give to your animal. Avoid products which include sugar. Instead, make treats of your own using fruits, vegetables, healthy seeds, nuts, grains, etc.


Vary the diet. It sounds boring, but nothing is healthy when given in too large amounts. Healthy food can easily get the opposite effect when overdosed. Feed with moderation.

Sugar is unnatural!

Sugar tastes good. Just like us humans, animals can get addicted to sugar, or find sugary foods so tasty that they'll choose to mainly eat these. Animals, when given the opportunity to become spoiled, are likely to take it. You, the pet owner, can thus make your animal addicted to sugar by giving them sugared foods and then giving in to their preferences. This is completely wrong! Sugar is unnatural for both people and animals! Don't give your pet sugared foods!

Text: Gerodean "Grodan" Elleby

Translation: Kaisa Häkli - Thank you so much!

By: Grodan

Date for publishing

  • 2006-10-10

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