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Medicating Mice

It can be useful to be able to medicate or 'force-feed' your mice.

To be able to medicate or force-feed a mouse with a pipette you will have to know how to grasp the mouse's neck skin.

Grasp the neck skin, locking the mouse into a special kind of grip. Then stick the pipette into its mouth. Make sure that your mouse has time to swallow; empty the pipette a little at a time. It's important, you don't want your mouse to choke!

You have to get a good grasp of the neck skin, usually including large portions of skin around the neck, to have the mouse firmly ‘locked' in your hand. It's supposed to be as if paralyzed, i.e. not being able to move. You might feel uncomfortable the first time you see someone (maybe the vet) holding your favourite mouse like this. BUT the mouse isn't suffering at all. The neck grip is used by every mother mouse when moving around her babies, so this maneuver is completely natural.

Text: Gerodean "Grodan" Elleby

Translation: Kaisa Häkli - Thank you so much!

By: Grodan

Date for publishing

  • 2006-10-10

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